Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

We breathe no more
Leaving life to live on,

We breathe no more
Blind to nature’s bounty,

We breathe no more
Unhinging all connections,

We breathe no more
Ending all experience,

We breathe no more
Living off this earth,

We breathe no more
Unstaining life’s purity,

We breathe no more
Unhindering life’s effulgence,

We breathe no more
Unbridling life’s vitality,

We breathe no more
Yet yearning to live once more.



Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

I see flashes of memories,
as they light up the darkness of
my life gone by.

Some intensely immersing,
while others distantly reminding me
of my life encounters.

Like fragile basins of attraction,
removing me from the present
and pulling me into the past.

Regaling me with stories,
of my wantonness and pleasure,
wilful restraint and fleeting joy.

Uplifting me with hope,
and discomfiting me with guilt
as I am made to remember
my trodden path.

Life is an alchemy
awaiting the eye of my compassion
to dwell on my life’s stream and
transform it into sparkling waters.