Relationships are more important than things. But we still treat one another as things rather than as persons.

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We are Takers not Givers

In a growing consciousness that values only the positive, we find it difficult to see the positive values of the negative.

© Illustration by Joanne Pereira, 2021

We value life. But do we value death?

What we pay attention to and what we do not pay attention to influences how we navigate through life.

© Illustration by Joanne Pereira, 2021

Being Awake

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Not just Disruption but Discontinuity

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The Chrysalis and the Moth

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We mistake words for experience

We perceive real Power as an external artefact to be acquired; when in reality it is a journey which begins from the inside with an internal awareness and acceptance of oneself.

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Seeking Power to overcome Insecurity

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Life is ‘soft’; Death is ‘hard’

Money is a complex reality that shapes not only one’s perspective of the world and its people, but also one’s inner world and its values.

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A man-made construct

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Conrad Saldanha

Writer, Trainer, Mentor, Educationist and Consultant.

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