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We have created a culture of progress which follows the linear arrow of time. Its movement being measured by quantitative markers like GDP. While deep within us we experience the loss of a more enrichening life which we have left behind and long to bring back. A person grows from ‘within’. A nation progresses from ‘without’. And sometimes a nation’s progress is at the cost of a person’s growth. Consequently when we begin to realise what we have lost as persons, all the progress achieved is revealed to be a poor substitute.

Not just Disruption but Discontinuity

In the culture of Silicon Valley emphasis is…

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We want to do good. We feel we are capable of doing good. We seem convinced that what we are doing is for the good of the other person. And then suddenly we are confronted by the adverse results which we seem to have caused to happen.

The Chrysalis and the Moth

It’s like the boy who found the chrysalis and feels very bad at seeing the moth struggling to emerge and decides to help it break out. He feels he has the capability to save the moth. He wants to do well by the moth. But when the child pulls the covering open, the…

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Very often we behave as if, for example, we know all about wine because we have convinced ourselves that we have ‘grasped’ what wine is all about through reading about wine. We have become familiar with the concept of wine through the words used to describe wine. We therefore start posturing as if we are wine connoisseurs who know all about wine by sharing all that we have read and understood about wine. We sound genuine, but we are fake. The represented conceptual world becomes our real world.

We mistake words for experience

We communicate through the alphabet and now more and more through digits…

We perceive real Power as an external artefact to be acquired; when in reality it is a journey which begins from the inside with an internal awareness and acceptance of oneself.

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Seeking Power to overcome Insecurity

Our search for power stems from our fear of insecurity and anxiety. We need to protect ourselves from the pain which could arise from the unforeseen circumstances we may encounter. We amass wealth, build the right contacts, develop expertise and so on. All with the intention of gaining power over our unpredictable circumstances. We need to feel we are masters and not victims.

But the more we try to avoid our helplessness through the amassing of power, the more our helplessness and insecurity grows. We become isolated in our large mansions and offices; fearful of everything and everybody. We do…

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We are witnessing the world becoming ‘Hard’. Right wing extremist beliefs are emerging stronger in nation after nation; even in the so called oldest democracy, the United States of America. We have just seen what happened on Capitol Hill. There could be different reasons for this, however this is an attempt to look at something fundamental which we need to examine in the light of what is taking place in the USA and around the world.

Life is ‘soft’; Death is ‘hard’

We identify with our beliefs. We become our beliefs. They give us certainty. We can no longer live with uncertainty and the greyness of…

Money is a complex reality that shapes not only one’s perspective of the world and its people, but also one’s inner world and its values.

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We sense the need for money at all times but especially when we are struggling to survive or when we are striving to make our fantasies real. Otherwise for the rest of the time we take money for granted. It is just there like the air we breathe. We need the air inasmuch as we need the money. They are an essential part of our lives whose value is realised only by their absence.

A man-made construct

But what is money. Is it just a currency note? And what is the value of this piece of paper? Its size is so small that…

Our lives vacillate between emotions that we like and are attached to and emotions that we are uncomfortable with and try to avoid. So we will preen with pride when someone praises us and recoil with hurt when someone criticises us. We will experience a high when we get what we want and a terrible low when we lose what we have. We seem to be buffeted and pulled asunder by strong emotions. Victims of mood swings. We identify with our emotions. We become our emotions.

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It is normal to experience feelings, like anxiety, which make us uncomfortable. But trying…

This is another one of those paradoxes of life.

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Being in the Flow

When our focus is on the externalities of life, more often than not we seem to be doing something which we don’t really enjoy doing. We are doing it to achieve the externalities of wealth, status and fame. In such a situation we seem to be continuously running a race comparing ourselves with others and struggling to do better. There is a lot of effort. We struggle to go faster and faster but we realise that we can’t cope. We burn out. We seem to be always going slower than the rest. Going fast is perceived as going slow.


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We, very often, consciously or unconsciously live life linearly, solving problems through logical processes while prodding our intellect to understand life through reducing it to its parts and then trying to put them together in different patterns to try and make sense of it all. But Life is a Paradox.

A Paradox is ‘a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth’.

We need to junk logic to experience the meaning of a Paradox. Here are a few Paradoxes. There are more which will be addressed later.

“Don’t Change” and Change occurs

As we grow we are continuously…

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We are benumbed by the inhumanity we see in the world today. We have become brutal beasts. Women are treated as chattels. Mauled and burnt at will. Presidential debates have devolved into verbal violence resembling brawls in a bar. Society’s boundaries of respect have all but collapsed. We have regressed to the way of the jungle. What is it that makes us relinquish all decency and propriety!

We have overemphasised outcomes to be achieved and not placed enough importance on the means to achieve them. So even if one has to resort to corrupt means to attain one’s objective it…

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Writer, Trainer, Mentor, Educationist and Consultant.

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